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Our Areas of Practice

The Shelburn Law Office covers a wide variety of cases involving extensive research, comprehensive legal counseling sessions and well-planned court representations during trials and hearings:

  • DWI/DUI charges and traffic cases require the use of well-designed strategies and local experience in the Mecklenburg County courts system. Attorney Shelburn and our law office can offer you our years of experience. We have a successful track record for protecting our client’s legal rights and lessening fines and penalties that may have resulted in driver license suspension, the payment of exorbitant fines and fees or even extended periods of jail time.
  • Landlord/tenant law is another service area that our law office can help you with, and one not covered by most Charlotte law firms.
    The charges here can imply financial difficulties in paying mortgages or even anti-social behavior. The Law Office of Christopher Shelburn can help defend your rights.
  • Criminal cases are a central focal point for the services provided by Mr. Shelburn. He will fight for your rights in court and use his knowledge and resources to provide you with an appropriate defense and representation, geared towards the lessening or lifting of all charges.
  • The Shelburn Law Office also covers cases related to personal injury law. Whenever you’re hurt and injured in an accident you need legal representation you can count on to protect your rights. Choosing the best personal injury attorney may become one of the most significant choices you ever make. We’re proud of our business’s long history of successfully representing individuals who have been injured by the negligence of others. In case you or even a family member has been injured in an accident, we are the personal injury law firm you can rely to get the results that you deserve

Mr. Shelburn has been recognized as an authority on DWI defense, with numerous invitations to teach courses educating other attorneys on effective DWI defense strategies. 



We are a Charlotte-based law practice with a focus on providing our clients rigorous and effective representation in the courtroom. Our trial practice includes Criminal DefenseDWI/DUI defense, Personal Injury, general civil litigation, and Landlord/Tenant representation. We also handle various traffic violations such as speeding tickets, Reckless Driving, and Driving While License Revoked. You can rely on our dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for every client.

In addition to litigation services, we provide legal counsel in business and real estate transactions. We also advise clients seeking to safeguard the financial future of their families and those facing financial difficulties. Whether seeking compensation for an injury to you or a loved one, negotiating the sale of your business, or defending a client’s rights in criminal court, we are committed to providing top notch legal support.

Attorney Shelburn approaches every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. For a more detailed discussion of what we can offer, please follow the links to our practice areas above.

Here at the Shelburn Law Office, we know all about the difficulties and intense anxiety facing people as they navigate the judicial process. Choosing Christopher Shelburn is choosing peace of mind, because we have dealt with almost every circumstance and gained favorable results for our clients. If you or someone you love is being charged with a misdemeanor or a criminal felony, DWI/DUI offense, or is dealing with all the twists and turns of a personal injury case in Charlotte, NC, your legal position requires the utmost preparation and attention to detail- especially when preparing for trial.



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