As a Charlotte traffic lawyer I hear this all the time. Few of us are lucky enough to have spotless driving records. Yet even a simple speeding ticket can have serious consequences. What you do next is going to affect you and your finances for years to come.

If you simply pay the fine, you are pleading guilty, possibly to a misdemeanor offense. In addition to a fine, you will likely see your insurance rates rise. You should also realize that a single speeding ticket could result in license suspension.

A knowledgeable traffic lawyer in Charlotte can guide you to the solution that best fits your situation and results in the least damage to your insurance rates and your driving record.

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Why would I pay a lawyer just to handle a traffic charge?

Even after legal fees, we routinely save clients substantial sums of money by having charges reduced or dismissed. In most cases, Attorney Shelburn can also represent you without you ever attending court.

NC traffic law is complicated. By mishandling a ticket, you could lose your license, incur unnecessary fines and license points. Perhaps most importantly, the resulting insurance increases will follow you years into the future.  You need advice from a professional who knows how to handle your particular situation.

With any ticket it is important to consider the immediate effect on your insurance and driving record as well as the possible long-term consequences. This is reason you should consult with an attorney before simply paying a ticket off, accepting a reduction, or going to driving school.

Traffic Violation Misconceptions:

“I can just go to driving school.”

In some cases, attending driving school is an extremely beneficial option. However, in other cases, it is unnecessary or ineffective.

“I can just ask for a PJC.”

A PJC (Prayer for Judgment Continued) may be available to you, but often this not your best option

"It won't make my
insurance go up."

If the driver has received a prior moving violation within 3 years then at least one insurance point will be applied.

"The officer said I had to appear in court."

In most cases your lawyer can obtain a waiver for your appearance, and appear on your behalf.

Will a traffic violation cause my auto insurance premium to rise?

North Carolina insurance companies follow the North Carolina Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) which includes a system of insurance points (not the same as NCDMV License Points). Insurance companies use this point system to assess a driver’s risk and allocate surcharges to hisher insurance costs:


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 Percentage Increase














 Percentage Increase







For points to be assessed they must occur during the ‘experience period’ which is defined as three years immediately preceding the date of application or the preparation of the renewal of the insured’s policy.


  • a NC speeding ticket of more than 10 miles over the posted speed, where the legal limit was 55mph, but less then 76mph would result in two points.

  • a NC speeding ticket of more than 75mph where the posted speed limit is less then 70mph would result in four points.

  • a NC speeding ticket of more than 80mph where the posted speed limit is 70mph or greater would result in four points.

Judges and District Attorneys here in Charlotte, NC, are rarely sympathetic to individuals who are not familiar with the system. Simple speeding tickets and traffic citations often have consequences you may not anticipate.


We can walk you through the process from start to finish while preventing potentially expensive mistakes and making the situation easier for you, your family, and your wallet.


No need to suffer through the long lines in most traffic courts that make an already uncomfortable ordeal more unpleasant.

Save yourself the time and frustration.