The Halloween DWI story of the woman in the zombie costume

We recently read about the unusual Halloween DWI story involving a woman in Rochester, New York named Catherine. According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Catherine was arrested while driving down a road in the town of Gates while wearing a zombie costume in the early morning hours of October 25th. She had apparently attended a zombie-themed party at a local bar. She had allegedly been driving without her headlights on when she was pulled over at about two in the morning. She was taken to the Gates police station, processed, and then released into the custody of a friend.

Less than three hours later, Catherin was pulled over again, allegedly having been spotted by a different police officer weaving in and out of the lane in the same road where she was arrested the first time. She was still wearing the zombie costume and was still supposedly driving while intoxicated. She was duly arrested, processed again, and then delivered to her residence by a police officer. Catherine is due to appear in court in November to answer to two DWI charges as well as traffic tickets involving failure to maintain one’s lane incurred in the space of a single early morning.

The holiday season brings lots of holiday celebrations and parties.  These festive events provide lots of opportunities to make merry with friends, family and co-workers.  They also provide ample opportunity to enjoy adult beverages.  This holiday season pick a designated driver or take a taxi.  If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of being arrested for DWI by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, make the smart call and schedule an appointment with Shelburn Law.


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons