Landlord-Tenant Attorney Charlotte NC | 704-688-3660

Landlord-Tenant Attorney Charlotte NC | 704-688-3660
We serve both landlords and tenants in the Charlotte, North Carolina and Mecklenburg County area. Our retainer fees are reasonable and hourly fees are billed against this initial retainer.


Landlord-Tenant Cases Encompass:

  • Evictions, back rent
  • Commercial tenants
  • Cancellations of lease agreements
  • Landlord discrimination
  • Extensions of commercial/residential leases
  • Renters’ rights

Most of these issues are small claims court matters, but the process is much more complex than most people realize. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, a knowledgeable attorney can help avoid many common pitfalls.

Several landlord-tenant laws in North Carolina affect both property owners and renters, including:

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