Fastest lap of Manhattan, driver expects only a speeding ticket

A man’s speeding stunt in Manhattan is just the beginning of a bizarre story involving a YouTube video and a flight from justice.

As reported in a recent article in the New York Times, a day trader from British Columbia decided to race around Manhattan. He apparently did so in 24 minutes, while going close to 100 mph on some stretches of roadway.

Afterwards, he posted a video of his racing stunt on YouTube. (The footage came from his dashboard camera.) Check out the 4x speed short video below to get an idea of how he was driving.

The police got wind of his crime through the video, and when they approached him, he confessed to what he had done and handed the video to them.

He assumed that if he confessed from the start, they would go easier on him and maybe only give him a speeding ticket. Instead, he was charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment, two misdemeanors that carry potential prison time.

As a result of facing penalties that were harsher than he anticipated, he fled the country to his native Canada. He didn’t show up to his trial and wound up getting convicted in absentia.

Although most speeding ticket stories aren’t quite as dramatic and strange as this one, there are a few issues that it has in common with other cases of speeding. One issue is that you really don’t know how a given police officer or a judge will react to your alleged violation of the law. Some have a much harsher attitude towards people who violate traffic laws.

Another issue is that sometimes you don’t know whether you’ll face a civil penalty or more serious criminal punishment. One reason attorneys are indispensable is the legal advice you’ll receive from them and the assessment of the situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to assist you with your traffic violation case and advocate for you in court.


Image credit: Wikipedia